Event Day Questions Answered

On street parking is free through the weekend so please utilize those spaces if desired. In addition, the mill building across from the ballpark has loads of free parking. Please see the attached map. Also, there are several businesses open on Saturday that utilize some of those spaces and the section closest to the mill has been coned off for their customers.

The doors open at 7:15am and registration will take place outside the front entrance to the stadium. Everybody whether climbing or spectating will need to go through registration and sign a liability waiver. You’ll receive a bracelet identifying you as a climber or a spectator and then you’ll be able to enter the stadium. Remember that it’s $35 to register at the door and free if you just want to watch.

All the teams will be assigned an area along the inside of the concourse. All we ask is that you respect the ballpark and try to keep your area clean. Please follow this link to find the order of teams climbing.

The climb will begin between 8:46-9:00am depending on when the opening ceremonies wrap up. Teams will enter the course after they have read the name of the firefighter(s) they are climbing for and rang the bell. The course is marked out but we will only do 6 laps up and down through each section to reach the 110 stories goal. 6 laps is technically not the full amount however the number of trips down the stairs will make up the difference.


The climb is physically challenging, perhaps more so than in years past. Please utilize the water stations, snack stations and the shaded area on the upper concourse to take breaks as needed. Otherwise, pull to the side and utilize one of the many seats in the stadium to rest as needed. As in previous years there will be an accountability officer counting your laps and making sure your team is still together. He will be located at the start of the course.

If you have an emergency please have one the folks around you notify the EMTs acting as triage and staged in the middle of the lower concourse. In addition there will be others designated as triage EMTs on the course with a radio climbing and will ready to respond to your emergency.

The Samuel Adams Brewhouse in left field will be opening at 11:30 for drinks and a buffet will be available at noon for $12. We’ve got a ton of items to raffle and a 50/50 raffle too.


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